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• 2, 55, 857 people reached with our various Reach Out program.,• 1, 24, 100 women and children provided shelter at our dedicated shelters.• 3, 79, 600 people fed in our Food Distribution Program.• 1, 96, 872 people treated in our Health Programs.• 77, 11, 116 homeless provided shelter since 2002.
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AAA Identity Cards & Voter Identity Cards

In absence of identity card, homeless are too often victimized particularly by police. Therefore, AAA provides an Identity Card to them. About 2000 homeless have got their first level of identity through AAA’s identity cards. Through these cards they access other rights towards full citizenship and get saved from undue police harassment.

With the intervention of AAA at the various government levels, we have been able to sensitize the Election Commission of India about the Homeless people. First time India, homeless people who are eligible to caste their vote have been issued VOTER Identity cards.

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