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Saving Bank Account & ATM Card for Homeless

Union Bank of India’s ATM cards & saving account for Homeless people of Delhi

Delhi's Homeless now have an ATM card of a govt. bank- Union Bank of India.
The main problem with the homeless is to save money from their earning. It was very serious problem with them that where and how their money can be saved. AAA lobbied with the Union Bank of India and sensitized the authorities about the problem of the homeless people. Union Bank of India has agreed to open the saving bank account with biometric ATM cards for the homeless people of Delhi. Six hundred homeless have already begun operating their savings account. The response from the community is very good. People from all across Delhi from different street contacts of AAA are coming forward to open their savings accounts.

This intervention has raised a new hope among the homeless. People have now vision for their safer, better future not depending on private money lenders and no risk of loss of savings. Many have reduced the habit of alcohol abuse.

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