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Our Core value

We respect homeless people and to believe in their own ability in reaching their ambitions.

Equality, Diversity and Justice: We believe that all people are equal and as an organisation we value everyone equally irrespective of gender, caste, creed, ethnical and other social differences in its policies and programs. We recognise diversity and celebrate our differences and abide by the secular practices of Indian Constitution. AAA gives equal opportunity to all its stake holders and treats impartially.

Democratic Participation: AAA encourages & facilitates an enabling environment at all level so that every stake holder gets equal opportunity to express opinions and aspirations in decision making process.

Collaboration: We work in collaboration with others to achieve the best possible outcomes for homeless people.

Resourceful and Creative: We aim for resourceful and creative solutions to the needs of homeless people. AAA ensures that the homeless people are its core stake holders in all programs by their active participation.

Influence: We attempt to influence government and public opinion on the issues of homelessness and to influence policies for the benefit of the homeless.

Transparency and Accountability: AAA is open and clear in its all policies and programs and accountable to all its stakeholders

Where we are?
We are based in Delhi.

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