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Our Achivement

Access to Shelter by Homeless: 1, 10, 16,703,
Healthcare : 3, 76,445,
Reach Out programs : 8, 79,857

1.  AAA highlighted the issu4e and brought it in public domain.
2.  Conducted the first ever Head Count of homeless People in Delhi.
3.  Started first Night Out program for assisting homeless on streets at night.
4.  Assisted Directorate of Census for enumerating Homeless in the census 2001 and 2011.
5.  Partnered with Department of Social Welfare, GNCT, Delhi for facilitating Reform process incl. free legal aid at certified Beggar Custodial
6.  Started First Health Outreach Service under HIGH (Health Intervention Group for Homeless) in partnership with Govt. Hospital and NGOs.
7.  Filed Civil Writ Petition In High Court, Delhi and Supreme Court on U.I.D.Bs and opening of New Shelters for Homeless.
8.  Formed first ever shelter for Homeless women & children in Delhi, in partnership with other NGOs.
9.  Initiated winter campaign ‘Save the Homeless Lives campaign’ with Government partnership and.
10.  Demonstrated multiple uses of un/der used buildings as shelters for homeless.
11.  Replication of Gram Panchayat Model at city level.
12.  First Mahapanchayat (assembly) of homeless, to raise voice for their rights and demands to the State and Civil Society.
13.  Exclusive Homeless Postal Service for the homeless community living without a proper address in Delhi.
14.  Formed cadre of Homeless Volunteers to take the Campaign forward and then Federation of Homeless in Delhi.
15.  Started running two Government run shelters as Shelter cum Activity Centers on 24 hours open shelters challenging the Rain
        Basera (Night Shelter) Concept.
16.  Created the Model Shelters with added facilities for homeless.
17.  Issued AAA’s Photo Identity Cards to Delhi’s Homeless which formed proof for issuing Voter I.D cards by Election Commission, Delhi.
18.  Launched Narrow Casting and Broad Casting.
19.  Voting Rights provided to the homeless and they cast their vote for the first time in Independent India.
20.  Managed Comprehensive Open shelter Crisis Centre in one campus for Homeless and Destitute men, children women, single mothers,
       elderly,HIV + patients, T.B. patients, Drug Addicts and terminally ill.
21.  Replication of AAA model at 13 cities of the country.
22.  Constructed Porta Cabins shelters for Homeless.
23.  Formed First time - Collective of Elderly Homeless.
24. Homeless children enrolled into mainstream education system. This model has been replicated throughout Delhi by various
25.  Conducted the first Head Count of Homeless Women in Delhi.
26. First time screening of Homeless people for symptoms and treatment of ‘Leprosy’ in partnership with National Leprosy Eradication
      Mission, India
27.  Inclusion of ‘Shelter’ in Master Plan after submission of petition of 6000 homeless in DDA.
28.  Managing 54 shelters during winter.
29.  Federation of Homeless People.
30.  First ATM card banking facility for homeless in India.
31.  Initiated bi-weekly Mental Health Clinic for Severely Mentally Ill homeless in Delhi in partnership with DSLSA and IHBAS.
32.  Services of Aashray Adhikar Abhiyan recognized by The Supreme Court of India and High Court of Delhi in Suo Motto case.
33.  Advocacy by Aashray Adhikar Abhiyan led to opening of shelters for the homeless on public-private partnership model by order of Government of Delhi.

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