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1. The Capital’s Homeless (A Preliminary Study on the Homeless People of Delhi).

2. BASERE KI KAHANI (A Study of the Problems in the Night Shelters in Delhi Using Participatory Research).

3. Reflections of AAA TeaMembers ... Towards Reclaiming Our Humanness.

4. Health Care Beyond Zero (Ensuring a Basic Right for the Homeless by Health Initiative Group for the Homeless [HIGH])

5. People With out Nation (A documented outcome of the National Consultation on Urban Poor: Special Focus on Beggary & Vagrancy Laws – The issue of de-custodialization (De-criminalisation) July 15-16 2005.

6. Save the lives Campaign -2010

7. Treatment of homeless with severely mentally ill-2011.

8. Begharo ki Karah -2003

9. Urban Governance and role of Civil Society.

10. Poverty, Migration and Social Change .

11. Unique Mental Health Clinic on the streets of Delhi for homeless people.

12. ‘Bridging the Gap’ Case study of Delhi for the most neglected Homeless people.

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