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Upcomming / Ongoing Activities

Winters of Delhi’s are really harsh. It kills many homeless lives every year. To protect homeless lives by shifting to safe, warm shelters in Delhi, Aashray Adhikar Abhiyan (AAA) since year 2002 has been running rescue services round the clock but special attention starts every night at 9 pm to 6 am. The rescue work is carried out by trained team on the streets of Delhi. Civil Society volunteers are also part of this rescue.

Night outs are planned to reach out to homeless people in their different concentration areas in Delhi at night (on every Tuesday and Friday from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.). Night-outs help to address medical emergencies, intervene in cases of police atrocities, assist homeless people in seeking shelter and respond to immediate basic needs such as drinking water, food, medicine, blankets and/or clothes.
(During winter we are out every night but summer twice in week)

Mobilisation is regular ongoing activities of AAA. As we all know many of homeless citizen are still not aware about the services and entitlements of homeless people. A group of volunteers moved in different homeless concentration areas and convey message by meetings and sessions. Volunteers also try to earn homeless people’s trust and confidence so that they can come to shelters for accommodation and other services. (Every Alternative Day)

Aashray Adhikar Abhiyan has been a training institute for the corporate houses, people from Media, Students from business institutes like IMA, IIFT, and Students from Social Work departments of DSSW, JMI, IGNOU, Schools, and Colleges of all across the country, Govt. Departments, Researchers, Scholars Civil Society Organisations and Homeless Volunteers. If you are interested to spare some time for poor and marginalised community you can join the organisation. (Regular Activity)

Management of shelters under cluster-B
During this winter-2014-15, AAA team managed 28 shelters at 26 locations at the areas like Paharganj, Jhandewalan, Motia Khan, Idghah, Raigarpura, Karol Bagh, shahjada bagh, Nandnagri, Kabir basti, Roshana road etc with the total capacity of 3050 beds every night.

Women and children shelters during winters
During the winter of 2014-15, AAA Managed 5 shelters for the women and children at the locations of Raigarpura Karol Bagh, Khariya Mohhala Roshanara Road,Punjabi Academy Paharganj,A Block Motiya Khaan, Commercial Building Jandewalan Ramkumar Road etc. Following our struggle during the last one decade, the government acknowledged the existence of homeless women on the streets of Delhi and opened shelters for them as well.

AAA has a clothes bank stocking fresh, used dresses for all season’s and all sizes. This clothes bank provides clothes to the needy and sick among homeless people. During winters, all the elderly staying in AAA shelters, are provided with quilts as additional protection.AAA has five to six collection points to receive these stocks.(On Going regular Activities)

To promote brotherhood and communal harmony among homeless citizen AAA organized such celebrations like Lohri, Holi, Janmastmi, Eid, Deepawali, Christmas, Republic day and Independent day for homeless at shelters as well as on street points. All across the cast, creed, states, and age group , homeless participated. (Next celebration accordingly)

The Mahapanchayat of the Homeless is a platform of the homeless people where they raise their cause and concern in order to secure their participation in decision making in respect of the issues of urban poverty and homelessness. This also marks successful completion of “Save the Lives Campaign” organized by AAA during winter for protecting homeless people from extreme cold conditions. On the occasion, the homeless representing all categories of homelessness share their difficult experiences while living on streets and try to draw attention of the Government towards their needs. On the occasion, they also assert their rights to life, liberty and dignity.
Cultural activities for the homeless people also form part of the occasion.
On the bases of the sharing of difficulties and demands by different categories of the homeless people like old and aged, women, children, terminally ill destitute women, mentally ill men and women, differently able men, chemical dependents, etc., a Charter of Demands, to be presented to the Government.( Next Homeless Mahapanchayat, March 2016)

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